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"Sports Toto", a sports promotion betting ticket, is a game which pays a prize money to players who correctly guess results of sports matches.

Unlike a lotto which is wholly depended on a luck, Sport Toto is an intellectual game which players need to analyze statistics and player performances. Sports Toto has been popular among sports fans, contributing to spread of related sports.
Sport Toto has been established in October, 2001 in order to support 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan and Sports Promotion Fund. All the proceeds go to Sports Promotion Fund. The accumulated profit from sports promotion betting tickets is 7.3B USD from 2001 to 2016. The profit has been spent on sports infrastructures, sports for all, sports organizations, and various international events such as PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games.

  • Cooperating Company
    • KSPO entrusted Ktoto Co., Ltd. with operating sports promotion betting tickets business. There are 6,500 sales booth all over the country as well as the internet site ( selling tickets on football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and golf.
  • Highest Responsible Gaming Framework Certification
    • KSPO strives to create a healthy sports betting environment, which could be enjoyed with small amount of money, by monitoring ticket sales booths and strengthening education on betting limitations.
    • Our continuous efforts resulted in A+ certification in 2016 by the annual government evaluation. Also we've been certified as highest Level 4 Responsible Gaming Framework by World Lottery Association in 2017, followed by 2013 certification.
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