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The Korea Institute of Sport Science (KISS) is the future of sport science in Korea. As a think-tank for Korea sports, KISS is carrying out development of national sports policy, research and support for sports science and sports industry.

With abundant field experience and accumulated research capabilities, KISS is developing as a research institute leading Korea’s sport competitiveness with passion and energy.

  • Overview of Korea Institute of Sport Science
    • The Korea Institute of Sport Science (KISS) opened in 1980 as Korea’s only sports science research institute. In January 1999, the KISS was merged as an affiliated institution of the KSPO.
      By formulating and evaluating sports policies KISS is leading the direction of public policy for national sports development.
      Also, with the goal of enhancing sports performance nationwide in elite sports, KISS provides scientific and systematic training for outstanding athletes. Not only elite sports but also in celebrating the modern age of increased lifespan, the institute offers a general support system to help raise longevity of the public through sports.
      KISS is striving to advance the high-value sports industry through establishing policies for its promotion.
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