Promotion of Sports for the Disabled

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We are hard at work to expand and foster Sports for the Disabled so that the 2.5 million disabled can live healthy and enjoy improved their quality of life.

By providing scientific trainings and building customized stadiums, we aim to increase their welfare thus enabling them to overcome social prejudices and achieve their own greatness.

  • Sports for All for the Disabled
    • We support Sports for All for the Disabled projects, domestic Sports for All events, Sports for All trainers, and base researches.
  • Professional Sports for the Disabled
    • We train professionals such as disabled athletes, referees, and specialized trainers. We also host various international events and constructing comprehensive Sports for the Disabled complexes.
  • Korea Paralympic Committee
    • KSPO supports Korea Paralympic Committee, along with associated organizations and 17 regional governments, to vitalize the Sports for All for the Disabled.
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