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2020년 과학원 홍보영상(영문)

등록일 : 2020.03.03
The passion. The intensity. The drive. This is how athletes produce the drama of sport. In between victory and defeat, a hidden story is told. The Story of Korea Institute of sport science, KISS. Research on sport science to enhance athletic performance, Research on sport policy towards promoting healthy living and Research on the sport industry to lead its development Dreaming beyond sport, We are Korea Institute of Sport Science (KISS). The story begins in 1980 with the foundation of KISS, designed to serve as a comprehensive sport institute to study, support and educate the people about sport as a way of promoting it on a national scale. KISS continues working and taking on challenges to enhance athletic performance, promote national health through sport, and to expand the sport industry. We write this story with KISS’s own published academic journal and offer a library information system to share our knowledge of sport science, both at home and abroad. In 2012, KISS was the first research institution in Korea to be appointed the UNESCO chair institution and continues to dedicate itself to promoting social values and development of young people. Korea Institute of Sport Science is shaping the future of sport in Korea, We began as the first, Now we’re committed to becoming the best. KISS continues its research to further the development of sport in Korea. Our scientific training programs are designed to enhance athletic performance, discover young talent, and support local athletes towards national competitiveness in sport. We offer insights and directions for sport policy in response to future changes. while utilizing technological innovation and networking between sport companies to lead in new sport markets. KISS is creating history as a global sport research institution at the center of Korean sport. Having successfully sharpened Korea’s competitive edge in sport,
A new chapter opens for the future. Delivering the latest in cutting-edge equipment and systems to support athletes development and national fitness, Promoting sport to benefit society through policy and legislation, Through our industry-academic and global networks We continue to discover new engines to drive the sport industry forward. As our every step opens new possibilities At KISS, our passion and energy is pushing sport beyond its present limitations today Korea Institute of Sport Science (KISS)

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